Gutters and downspouts are things you don’t often think about until they are not functioning as they should. Damaged gutters can cause a domino effect of damage to your roof, your siding, and the foundations of your home. Often you won’t even know there is a problem until the damage is already done. Debris can build up in your gutters, causing water to overflow and backup into areas around your home, eroding the soil around your foundations. Water seeping into your foundations can cause leaks in your basement, which can damage your possessions and lead to harmful mold infestations. Even the smallest of issues can escalate quickly, so it is always in your best interests to keep your gutters clean and well-maintained. Preventative maintenance keeps these problems from happening and can save you a lot of money on home repairs over the long-term. Martin Exteriors will inspect your gutters when they check your roof. Gutters are crucial to the health of your roof. With commercial construction, scuppers are usually the solution for diverting excess water flow.


Damaged gutters can actually damage your roof. The gutter is designed to collect and carry water away from your roof, depositing it safely on the ground or in a collection vessel. If the gutters are full of debris, the debris will hold moisture up against the roof edge. This can rot the soffits and the roof deck. Any soft spot in the roof not only lets water into your house, it leaves weak spots where squirrels, opossum, and even bats can get in. A misaligned gutter or one that has been dented by falling branches or hail can create havoc with your roof.


Most commercial buildings have a different construction than residences. Most newer commercial buildings are constructed using an upside-down U shape (flat on the top, though) – the walls and roof are one connected unit, rather than separate walls with a roof attached. It is crucial to keep the roof drains functioning properly to prevent structural failure. This is important even in the winter, when snow accumulates on the roof, and as it melts, it needs to run off. Most flat roofs have a little bit of slope to them. If melting snow can’t run off, the water builds up on the low end of the roof, causing structural failure. Martin Exteriors will provide you with a free inspection and free consultation so that you will know if any work needs to be done.


We can also install blow-in insulation! Reduce your utility bills and make your home or business more energy efficient with a good layer of insulation in the attic. Insulation is so important to the comfort and value of your home. It will help you reduce your utility bills, protecting your family and valuables from extreme heat and cold throughout the year. There are as many ways to insulate a space. Whether you have a finished or unfinished attic or other space, Martin Exteriors can help you determine what the best type of insulation is for your needs and budget. Call to schedule an inspection today to discover what’s possible.

Our inspections are absolutely free of charge in Rockford and surrounding areas. You are under no obligation to purchase, but if you are concerned with the condition of your home and its exteriors, you should know what can be done to protect them.