There’s no denying that a roof replacement is a big project, which can also get a bit stressful. Every little detail of the process can play a huge role in your project’s success and there are probably many questions going through your head if you are about to get your roof replaced. 

Which material should you choose? How do you find a high-quality roofing contractor who won’t cut corners? Which look goes best with your Rockford IL home? 

But don’t worry. Our experts at Martin Exteriors bring you answers to all of these and more!

We’ve rounded up the biggest do’s and don’ts of a roof replacement to help make the decision-making process as easy as possible!

What Are the Biggest Dos of a Roof Replacement?


DO take various roofing materials into consideration. You can opt for a different material the second time around and your roofing contractor can advise you on the best options for your specific needs and wishes.

DO pay attention to wind and fire ratings. You’ll find that the majority of roofing materials come with ratings that show you how resistant they really are to wind and fire. We strongly advise you to factor in this aspect before making any decisions.

DO take the weather into consideration. Severe weather can take a toll on your property, which is why it’s vital to choose a roofing material that is optimal for your region. You want your roof to remain durable and long-lasting, and that’s why taking the climate into consideration is a wise move.

DO check for your contractor’s credentials. What is the best way to find out if your contractor is dependable? By asking for references and seeing what other clients have to say. At Martin Exteriors, we pride ourselves on our customer testimonials and encourage you to ask around! Keeping our Rockford IL homeowners happy is always our top goal.


What are the Biggest Don’ts of Roof Replacement?


DON’T go against the HOA guidelines. They exist for a reason. Some homeowner’s associations have strict rules that forbid using particular materials and styles. The last thing you want is completing a project only to find out later that your new asphalt shingles aren’t allowed by the HOA.

DON’T take any shortcuts. You might be tempted to choose a lower-quality roof because it’s a more affordable option, but you should never cut corners when it comes to your roof because it may cost you more in the future. This is an investment that will keep your Rockford IL home safe for a long time, so every decision you make should always reflect that.

DON’T let any passers-by on the site. Make sure that the members of your family, as well as your neighbors and onlookers, stay on a safe distance from the worksite. While we always take all the necessary safety precautions and keep the site clean and debris-free, it is always best to avoid it while construction is in progress.

DON’T allow the ventilation system to get blocked. During the roofing process, always pay attention to the ventilation systems, so they don’t get accidentally blocked off. This could cause serious issues down the line, from ice damming to possibly overheated shingles that will, in turn, shorten your roof’s life expectancy.


In Need Of Roof Replacement Services?


Now that you’ve gone through the major do’s and don’ts of a roof replacement process, hopefully, you’ll find it easier to land on the right decision. Contact your go-to Rockford IL roof replacement contractors anytime and let’s start making your dreams a reality!