When the state of Illinois was created, it was with the intention of keeping the western part of the new country in the middle and the eastern portion of the state on the Eastern side. The most important part of this was Rockford, which was selected as the new capital of the new state. For a very long time, this was the state capitol but later it became the county seat of Rockford and was later known as Cook County.

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It was from this town that the county of Rockford was created and it is still the county seat today although Lincoln County is one of its major counties. The history of Rockford is quite interesting as it got its name from a Native American who was a chief among the pioneers. His daughter married an English officer and they had a daughter named Mary who was married to an English officer too. They built a fort there so the settlers could protect themselves from Indians and they were the first to settle here.

The Indian history of Rockford is quite interesting and it also tells about the fur trade, which was very important during that era. This was the first big industry in Rockford and they had quite a strong economy during the early days. The most popular town of Rockford is called Rockford Village which is located on the south side of the riverbank where the river emptied into Lake Michigan. There are quite a few historical sites and museums in this town and it is worth visiting.

There are also two military fortresses in this area and they were built during the American Revolution. In addition to all these historical things, Rockford is famous for its apple production and because of this the tourists come there. The apples of course are the products of Rockford apple growers. If you want to taste the sweet fruit of the apple tree, then the best place to go is Rockford, IL.

There are many beautiful places in this city and some of them have even earned international awards. One of the important places in the history of Rockford is the old City of Rockford. This old city has many beautiful buildings and heritage buildings and there are even some really old churches here. If you are interested in history, then you should visit this place.

You can also try the pizza in Rockford, which is very popular all over the world. You should try such delicious food when you come to Rockford. If you want to shop, then you can simply go to the corner stores or you can also go to some of the high-end stores. You will find that these stores charge very less compared to the other types of stores. You should always do shopping here since you will get some of the lowest prices around.