Roscoe is a village along the Rock River in Winnebago County, Illinois, a perfect place to visit with your family.

And if you’re a family with kids, you know that keeping them busy can be quite a mission when visiting a new area. Luckily, Roscoe offers plenty of restaurants in Roscoe IL and plenty of kid-friendly attractions in the village itself and some not too far away. 

Check out what they are and enjoy your stay!


Historic Auto Attractions

In Roscoe, at 13825 Metric Rd, Roscoe, IL 61073, you can visit the Historic Auto Attraction, offering much more than cars. 

While their main attractions are some very old and famous cars like the car of Elvis Presley, the Batmobile, and more, they also exhibit a wide array of movie memorabilia. Visitors’ favorite pieces include Marilyn Monroe’s nightgown, a James Dean sweater, and an outfit worn by Elvis Presley. 


4E Family Fun Trail

You will find various parks and areas for outdoor activities in Roscoe, including the 4E Family Fun Trail. This rural area in Roscoe, IL, offers a family-friendly trail by the wooded creek and fields. 

During the fall, flashlight and pumpkin luminaries light up the trail at night for an extra fun experience for kids and adults on the path. One can stock up on pumpkins and other produce harvested right on the property of 4E Family Fun Trail. 

From hayrides, campfire, to craft and activities, the 4E Family Fun Trail, situated at 6688 E Rockton Rd, Roscoe, IL 61073, is more than just a hiking path. 


Roland Olson

The Roland Olson is a famous spot for hiking, picnicking, and horseback riding. This area was once a polo complex and consisted of 127 acres. 

You will be able to access a paved recreation path directly from the Roland Olson preserve to explore various landscapes on the trail. Here you will also see the restored prairie, upland woods, and remnant pine plantation. 

There are picnic tables, drinking water, restrooms, playground equipment, ball fields, horseback trails, hiking trails, and even a horse arena. For an array of outdoor activities at Roland Olson, you can go to 9669 Atwood Road, Roscoe, IL 61073


Porter Park

This park is a great area to visit if you want to enjoy a day outside with your kids. Porter Park is situated at 6598 Windflower Ln, Roscoe, IL 61073, in a beautiful area filled with wildflowers and a creek. 

Kids can enjoy the medium-sized playground structure with several climbing equipment pieces, including a unique moving balance beam, rock wall, and tall swings. There is enough grassy space for running around and playing Frisbee golf. 

If you want to spend a whole day at this park, remember to bring a picnic basket as there are picnic tables where one can eat. There are also two baseball fields in the park and a frisbee golf course, so don’t forget the baseball bats, balls, and a frisbee. 


Final Thought

Roscoe also has plenty of other amenities as well, including shopping areas and diners. The village is not far from other cities like South Beloit, Loves Park, and Rockford, where one can find the Coral Cove Family Fun Center, Sapora Playworld, and the Discovery Center Museum.

Most of the more significant family-friendly attractions one can find within a 10 to 20-minute drive from Roscoe, Illinois. You will undoubtedly find the perfect location(s) to explore with your family and enjoy a day of fun and relaxation in the beautiful village of Roscoe, IL.

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