A new roof is a significant investment for any Rockford IL homeowner, but it’s also one that carries a lot of benefits. Sometimes, a roof simply reaches the end of its lifespan and despite all your preventative maintenance, it starts to look old, worn, and turns ineffective.

Other times, installing a new roof is necessary due to constant leaks and severe weather that have left your roof prone to even more damage down the road. Lucky for you, your leading residential roofing contractors in Rockford IL are here to save the day!

Our first-rate new roof installation services will ensure a safe, durable, and long-lasting roof over your family’s head, along with these seven outstanding benefits!

1. Increased Home Value

No matter how much you love your home, at some point, there might come a time when you need to change locations for any number of practical reasons. And this is where your high-quality new roof will be a unique selling point. A home with a recently installed roof will sell for much more than it would otherwise.


2. Safety

Living under an old, rusty, worn-out roof gets more and more dangerous as the days go by. But when you hire your best Rockford IL roof installation specialists, that danger quickly fades away and becomes a safe and stable home environment for your entire family.


3. Energy Efficiency

Older roofs are known to leak air, which frequently results in your HVAC system working overtime to maintain the temperature of your choosing inside your home. But when you install a new roof, it means less work for your air-conditioning system and more money saved on energy bills.


4. Outstanding Curb Appeal

A worn-out roof can make your entire property look shabby, run-down, and cause it to stick out in your neighborhood. But installing a brand new roof takes your home’s exterior to a whole new level and makes it look perfectly nestled in next to all the other attractive homes nearby.


5. Great Peace of Mind

The last thing any Rockford IL homeowner wants is having to constantly wonder whether their roof can withstand the severe weather and how long before it starts deteriorating. But with the help of our highly-skilled roofers, you will always have peace of mind knowing that your roof is doing its intended job of keeping you and your family safe and dry.


6. Less of a Health Hazard

A new roof means less health hazards for your family to worry about (such as mold and mildew). A new roof installation strips away any corrupted old shingles and gives your roofing contractors a great opportunity to inspect for any mold that could be hidden in the underlying infrastructure of your home.


7. New Roofing Technology

Since roofs are known to last for a really long time, there is no doubt that the technology today significantly exceeds the one with which your current roof was installed decades ago. This means that your new roof will be stronger and much more efficient in its purpose than the one you currently have.


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At Martin Exteriors Roofing & Siding, our top goal is to help you take full advantage of all the benefits a new roof provides, and guide you through the process with our expert advice. Call your best roof replacement Rockford IL  anytime for the highest-quality new roof that won’t let you down.