Just like any other big investment, your roof requires regular upkeep to be able to do its job of keeping your family safe and protected from the outside elements.

Scheduling regular roof inspections and repairs when needed is a part of that upkeep. However, sometimes, when your roof is too severely damaged or continuously malfunctioning, you will need to replace it altogether. 

But how to know when it’s time for a full roof replacement? Below, we’ve pinpointed 7 early warning signs. Find out what they are and replace your roof on time.

Aging Roof

A roof that is nearing the end of its lifespan is one of the first indicators that you may need a complete roof replacement. The materials used to make your 20-year-old roof may no longer be considered strong enough today. So, before anything else, be sure to consider your roof’s age and replace it if it has surpassed its lifespan.


Mold and Moss Growth

Have you noticed any signs of moss, mildew, or even rotting on your property? If you have, it means that all kinds of bacteria and fungi are likely to start growing, which will cause further water damage to your roof system. Furthermore, if you detect wide areas that appear moldy, it means that your Rockford IL roof might be more seriously damaged in more areas than one. This usually calls for a full roof replacement.


Cracked or Missing Shingles

After severe weather and heavy storms, it’s highly recommended that you make sure your roof is still functional. You want to be certain that there aren’t any cracked or missing shingles as a result of the storm. And if there are, you should promptly call your trusted roofing contractors at Martin Exteriors to assess the damages and offer appropriate solutions.


Numerous Exposed Nails

The moment you notice exposed nails in the base of your roof, it’s time to thoroughly inspect the area. This might signify cracks in your roofing system that may have already caused some leaks. If the damage is too far gone, you are likely going to need a roof replacement. To be sure, it’s best to call your Rockford IL roofing contractors and leave nothing to chance.


Sagging Roof

If you notice sagging on your roof, consider it a warning sign of underlying structural damage, which could result in your roof collapsing if not treated on time. Sagging usually occurs due to constant exposure to moisture, especially during the colder days, when there’s a lot of snow and ice putting pressure on your roof.


Clogged Gutters

Check your gutters to see if sand-like granules are falling into it. This material is used to protect your tiles, so when you notice it in your gutter system, it means that your shingles could be deteriorating. There’s no reason to panic if there are only a few loose granules, but if there’s an increase in residue, it’s a warning sign that your Rockford IL home might need a new roof.


Damaged or Loose Flashing

Loose flashing is not an uncommon issue among Rockford IL homeowners, but it is definitely one that you should never ignore. As a result of damaged flashing, water is likely to seep inside your home, reach your walls and ceilings, and cause significant damage to your roofing structure. And that is very likely to result in a complete roof replacement.


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