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What to Do if Your Roof Suddenly Starts Leaking

You’re sitting comfortably at home, and all of a sudden, drops of water fall on your head. You look up, and you see it – a leak! It is surely a cause for concern, but the last thing you want to do is panic.

The most important thing to do is act quickly to minimize the losses. Calling your roofer right now is a top priority, but there are a few things you can do yourself as soon as you notice your roof is leaking.

Read on and find out what to do to avoid further damage to your home before your local roofers arrive to take over.


7 Helpful Tips to Protect Your Rockford IL Home from Storm Damage

When it comes to severe and unpredictable weather, such as storms, there is no telling how devastating it can be for your home. While riding out a bad storm can be unsettling for you as a homeowner, it’s important to note that your home can take a beating too!

Extreme weather can be somewhat of a common occurrence, wreaking havoc on your home’s exteriors, compromising its value, and putting your entire family at risk.

This is why your #1 Rockford IL storm damage experts advise you to take these preventative steps to minimize the damage in case of a heavy storm and keep your family safe.



Storm season is upon us! All we have to do is watch the news and see that wind can cause substantial damage, even if a local storm didn’t produce large hail or an onslaught of rain. Any of these conditions warrant a thorough inspection to determine if replacement or repair of your roof is needed. So after a severe thunderstorm, hailstorm, or tornado, make sure to inspect the condition of your roofing system.