The cold winter weather and freezing temperatures can put an additional strain on your roof and lead to some serious roofing issues. Luckily, there are some preventative steps you can take to help keep your roof in good condition throughout the harshest of seasons. 

Here is a cold-weather roof care guide to help you ensure the winter weather does not cause roof damage that can lead to hefty home roof repairs.

Make Roof Inspection Your Number One Priority

The best line of defense against roof damage is an inspection! Roof repair insurance companies, for instance, recommend having your residential roof in Rockford inspected at least twice a year. 

It is good to have at least one roof inspection in the spring to identify lingering damage and one roof inspection in the fall to ensure your roof is ready for winter. A professional local roofing company in Rockford IL will be able to offer you the best preventative maintenance during a roof inspection. 


Respond to Harsh Weather on Time 

A roof inspection is key to a well-functioning roof and it may even help you extend the lifespan of your roof. However, sometimes, harsh storms can catch us off-guard and leave some bigger or smaller damages on the roof.

The roofing material can be torn off by strong wind gusts, leaving the remaining materials underneath more vulnerable to damage. Roof leaks may also develop and once that water gets into your roof, you may need a roof underlayment replacement or repairs inside your home. 

Therefore, once a storm has passed, it is important to call your roofer as soon as possible to mitigate any damages and stop them from spreading. 

But you can also stay a few steps ahead of the storm and keep your roof extra protected by regularly cleaning your gutters, replacing any damaged or missing shingles on time, and trimming any trees and loose branches overhanging your home to minimize impact damage. 


Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

It is not always easy to tell when your residential roof in Rockford is in trouble. But luckily, several warning signs may signal your roof needs the attention of a professional roofer in Rockford IL. Therefore, it is crucial not to ignore the following signs.

  • Blocked roof gutters are a problem in any season but even more so during winter. The accumulated water could build up and freeze during winter and this added weight can damage your roof or result in a gutter repair. Therefore, roof gutter cleaning is crucial during this time if you notice rainwater is not running down the drain. 


  • If you notice icicles hanging from your gutters, it indicates that you may have an ice dam on your roof. While icicles are a problem for your gutters, ice dams can cause loads of damage to your roof. Arrange for a professional roof inspection if you notice icicles hanging from the gutters.


  • A snowy roof might look nice, but the weight can put your roof in danger of roof damage. It is best to have the snow removed from your roof as soon as possible. 


  • Water damage inside your home, such as wall stains and mold, is a sign of potential roof leaks. Never take a leak lightly, as the longer you wait, the more extensive the problem may get. Roof repair will be needed as soon as possible!


Final Thought

Harsh weather and colder winter months can be tough on your roof and cause damages, especially if the roof is already a bit damaged or worn out. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry and establish a roof care plan for your home in the colder months. 

By contacting a professional residential roofing company Rockford IL for preventative maintenance and inspection, you will ensure a properly functioning roof system and stay ahead of issues.