Did you know that vinyl siding is one of the most popular materials used in the construction industry today? It’s been around for many years, and it still continues to be an extremely popular choice for homeowners everywhere. 

This durable material comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and it provides attractive and long-lasting protection for your home. If you’re overwhelmed with the number of options when it comes to siding, we’re about to make things really easy for you.

Vinyl siding offers numerous unique benefits for every homeowner, and to help you see it all for yourself, we’ve rounded up the most important ones. Check them out!



It’s no surprise that one of the most popular reasons homeowners end up choosing vinyl siding is the cost. Compared to some other materials, like wood or brick, vinyl siding remains a much more affordable option. The installation process is also substantially cheaper than with some of the alternatives, and the longevity of vinyl is very high, which means you get more value for your money in the long run. 


Color Choices

Vinyl comes in an extensive variety of colors and textures, which is why it continues to be such a popular siding material among many homeowners. Plus, if you’re trying to achieve a more finished look, you can also choose to use various color combinations for the door frames and windows and make it really pop!


Easy Installation

Vinyl is a very easy material to install, mostly because it’s so lightweight. The installation can be done by simply drilling holes in your walls using standard nails or screws, which is something your trusted siding contractor will do swiftly and efficiently. And you know what that means! The amount of time you’ll be inconvenienced in your home is going to be reduced to a minimum. And let’s be honest, isn’t that the dream?


Low Maintenance

Another benefit of vinyl siding is its low maintenance factor. Vinyl requires virtually no maintenance except for periodic painting to maintain its color. In fact, when it comes to maintenance, vinyl siding actually boasts a lower level of maintenance than some wood siding because it is less susceptible to rotting and cracking.


Built to Last

Vinyl siding also resists damage from extreme weather conditions. It will not crack, split, rot, or warp due to exposure to high heat, hail, snow, or rain, and it won’t get brittle when exposed to salt spray either. Vinyl is also highly resistant to fire and flame, and on top of that, it’s able to withstand high humidity as well.


Energy Efficiency

One of the greatest benefits of vinyl is that it provides excellent energy efficiency, which allows your home to retain its value and keep your heating and cooling costs at a minimum. Your vinyl siding will function as an added layer of insulation, and when painted in lighter colors, it will be even more effective in blocking the sun’s rays and minimizing the summer heat inside. 


Curb Appeal

Installing vinyl siding allows homeowners to create their own custom designs. You can choose to use panels or shingles and customize them to create unique patterns and styles that will make your home truly stand out in the neighborhood. 


Provides Great Value

Another huge benefit of vinyl siding is that it provides exceptional value. This is among the many reasons why so many people continue to choose it to protect and beautify their homes. Vinyl has the unique ability to raise the value of your property while providing you with lasting beauty to enjoy for years to come. 


Call in Your Reliable Experts 

It’s clear that the benefits of vinyl siding are numerous. Not only is it an affordable option that’s easy to maintain, but it’ll provide your home with incredible value as well. Since it’s also extremely durable and long-lasting, you’ll be fully protected for years to come. But only if you hire the right experts!

This is where we come in. Training, experience, and commitment to quality have made us your #1 siding contractor in Rockford, IL, and we’d be happy to add you to the long list of our highly satisfied customers.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is make the smartest decision for your home and give Martin Exteriors Roofing & Siding a call!