Along Rock River in Winnebago County, Illinois, one will come across the Roscoe village which is about 91.4 miles from Chicago. Roscoe is a suburb of the city of Rockford and is considered one of the best places to live in Illinois with a low crime rate, plenty of families, young professionals, and highly rated public schools. 

Here are a couple of places and landmarks one can visit when in Roscoe, Illinois and on another article you can read what to visit in Roscoe IL


1. The Historic Auto Attractions

The Historic Auto Attractions is a specialty museum where you can find more than just a display of historic automobiles. You will be entering a journey through time as there are over 75 historic autos on display. 

The collection is held in 36 000 sq. ft. and includes presidential and world leaders’ limousines. Other fascinating cars like John Dillinger’s getaway car, Elvis Presley’s car, Indy cars, the Batmobile, and much more can be seen at the Historic Auto Attractions in Roscoe, IL. 

Besides cars, artifacts and memorabilia are also on display here, and they will take you back in history. The Historic Auto Attractions is fascinating for the whole family and can be found at 13825 Metric Rd, Roscoe, IL 61073, United States.


2. Stone Bridge Trail

If you are a nature lover, then the Stone Bridge Trail will be worth your while as it consists of fantastic sceneries and views through wooded areas and farmland. The Stone Bridge Trail is a very safe trail that runs through the rural countryside on a limestone pathway, which can be found at E. Rockton Rd & US Hwy 251, Roscoe, IL 61073.

The double-arch Stone Bridge on this trail was built in 1882 and it is included in the National Register of Historic Places. The bridge’s view is one of the highlights on this trail as it is situated over the scenic South Kinnikinnick Creek. 

One can also take advantage of the more developed areas of the trail where there are athletic fields, picnic tables, and restrooms. 


3. The Firehouse Pub

For an excellent family lunch or dinner in Roscoe, Illinois, make sure to visit the Firehouse Pub. Here you can find some late night fun and entertainment along with quality food and a pleasant atmosphere. 

The Firehouse Pub can be found at 10670 Main St, Roscoe, IL 61073, United States, and is situated in an attractive location in a former firehouse. This restaurant-pub offers various delicious choices for the whole family and is open Sunday – Thursday from 11 am to midnight, and Friday – Saturday from 11 am to 2 am. 


4. The Bargain Barn

If you love antiques, vintage items, and collectibles, The Bargain Barn is the place to go in Roscoe. This mall will make you feel like you are on a treasure hunt as they have an extensive and dynamic collection of continually changing items. 

You can find anything from furniture, Noritake, arts, toys to vinyl records at the Bargain Barn in Roscoe. They also have swap meets, flea markets, and auctions along with a professional staff who will help you find anything you are looking for. To visit The Bargain Barn, you can go to 11951 Main St., Roscoe, IL 61073.


Final Thought on Roscoe Illinois

The town of Roscoe offers a mix of suburban and rural feel, and there are many parks available for outdoor activities.

Along the main streets of Roscoe, you are bound to come across bicyclists and pedestrians making their way through town on a network of recreation paths. These paths also connect to other well-known cities. 

Besides recreation and family life, Roscoe also offers occasional entertainment for residents and visitors, including parades, street dances, festivals, and various sports opportunities.

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